Friday, 9 November 2012

Guard of Honour

Guard of Honour by the cadets of Aringar Anna Government Arts College ,Villupuram

Friday, 12 October 2012

Clothings and Materials to carry

 Clothings and Materials to carry

 * Each and every thing you need will be available at the WET canteen (Popularly known as Kallu canteen )   which is located inside the OTA .But the cost is comparatively high
 *  Tailor Shop and barber shop are also available at the OTA
 For the PRCN course you will be required to have the following clothing's.
1.Kaki Uniform - 2 Set   (  if you have dont have any uniform dont worry ,You can Stitch new Uniform at the OTA itself )
2. Dangree        - 1 ( Get it from your Battalion )
3. Pithu Pouch   - 1 ( Get the new Green colour model from your battalion ,otherwise dont get it , for the old model you hae to polish and some times they will ask you to buy new one )
4. Anklet            - 1 ( Black )
5. Boot DMS     - 1
6. Boot Drill       - 1
7. Mufti Dress ( White Shirt and Black Pant ) - 2 set ( It should be pure white and black ,no stripes, no checks and no design ones allowed)
8.White T Shirt and White Shorts - 2 set ( This you can buy from the canteen as the T shirt will hae the emblem and shorts will be of nicker type )
9.White Shoes for PT - 1 (Get a Good Sports shoe from your town itself , see that the shoe is pure white )
10. Ground sheet- 1
11. Rain coat -1 
12 . Blankaet - 1 ( For Nov to Dec Course )
13. Beret and FS cap - 1 each
14. Belt - 1
15 .White bed sheet and pillow cover - 2 set
16. Mosquito net - 1

Personal Items 

1.Extension box for mobile charging
2. Sewing Needle and thread for stitching
3. Note ,Pen ,Scale , Writing Pad ,China Graph Pencil ,Service Protector
4. Hanger - 4
5. Drinking Glass

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pre Commission Training at NCC OTA ,Kamptee

The Pre Commission Training at NCC OTA,Kamptee ,as of now is conducted for 90 days .
You are required to be report one day before .

Location and how to reach

Kamptee is located 15 Kms from Nagpur and from Nagpur Railway station you can get an auto or taxi to OTA. The auto fare would be around Rs.300 and the Taxi fare would be around Rs.450.
If you have less luggage you can reach Bardi bus stand by share auto which would cost you Rs 10. And from Bardi Bus stand you can catch bus to Kamptee.

Documents to be Produced

1.Arrival Slip
2. Medical Certificate
3. Indemnity bond
4. Certificate of undertaking by trainee and parents.
5.Movement order
6.Nominal roll

Overview of the course 

The course has the following training areas
1. Physical Training
2. Weapon Training
3. Map reading
4. Theory class
5. Drill
6. Games.

Course Timings

1 Period :  5.45 Am to 7.10 Am
2 Period :  8.10 Am to 1.00 Pm
3 Period :  4.00 Pm to 6.00 Pm

During the first half of the course 75 % of the 1 st period will be Physical training and the remaining will be Drill , 60 % of the second period will be Weapon training and remaining will be theory class.100 % of the third period will be games.

Physical Training

The course is certainly a tough one for those who haven't had any physical activity .

You will be having test on 5 events in the Physical Training
1. 2.4 Km run
2. Push ups
3. Sit ups
4. 100m sprint
5. 5 M shuttle run.

So Those who are going to attend the course can practice this before they go for the course.

The PPT Standard

Weapon Training

In Weapon Training you will be given training on the dismantling and assembling of 
1.0.22 rifle
2. 7.62mm SLR rifle
3. 7.62mm LMG
4. Sten Machine gun
5. Firing Using 0.22 mm Rifle

 *  You will also have to take a class on assembling dismantling and cleaning of SLR rifle during tests.

Map reading

In Map reading you will be taught about prismatic compass, finding your own position , map to ground and ground to map.
And practical test in the above.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hi ANO's

This blog is created to share the views ,knowledge and activities of the NCC Officers .
Hope you will find it usefull and your comments and suggestions are welcome.